Pyxis   Nauticat 40


Pyxis is a pilothouse sailboat.  Generally, pilothouse sailboats aren't known for their sailing abilities.. However, the Nauticat 40 is a Sparkman & Stephens performance-oriented design that gives a boat that performs well under sail.

Why a pilothouse sailboat? In the Pacific Northwest, when the weather is good, the wind tends to disappear, so that cruising in a sailboat in the summertime often means doing a lot of motoring. Unfortunately, most sailboats aren't really very good power boats. In the winter time, spending a lot of time in the cockpit can be unpleasant. You can sail the Nauticat 40 from the pilothouse or you can motor if the weather gets really soggy or windy or if there's no wind at all.  A pilothouse sailboat offers a great deal of comfort.  It lets you sail when conditions are right, while giving you an engine that is powerful, quiet and reliable and a helm station that is out of the weather.

Check out the following pages to learn more details about Pyxis and see pictures of her.

Pyxis is currently located in Anacortes, Washington.

If you would like more information about Pyxis, call Steven Dubnoff at (206) 329-7694. or email .



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